About Basker

My name is Basker Nadarajah and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I was born in Ipoh, Malyasia and I am of Indian decent. My family is originally from the Tamil Nadu district in India and my grandparents emigrated to Malaysia to work in the rubber plantations.

I am the first born in a family of 5 boys and 1 sister. Growing up in Malaysia in a large family with holidays on the coconut and rubber estate was warm, supportive and enjoyable. I speak Tamil and Malay as well as English. I left home at 17 to attend the University of Madras, India and gained a Bachelor of Science degree. Following graduation I looked for further study opportunities and attended the University of Auckland, NZ. I then gained a post graduate diploma in Public Health and consequently joined the Ministry of Health where I have been a Health Protection Officer for 30 years.

I have been married to Janet for 34 years and we have 2 grownup children, Nisha who lives at home and Linga  who lives in London, UK. Since settling in NZ my wife and I have traveled extensively overseas and we love to travel to India in particular. I like the history, the culture and the cuisine of India. Life in India is a fascinating kaleidoscope of colour and I love to explore places that are not only major attractions but those that are somewhat off the track.

Eating out in India is an exceptional experience and while dinner at the hotel is on offer I would encourage you to join me in eating out at local restaurants each night as we explore the local cuisine.

My hobbies are cooking, blogging (of course), red wine and I dabble in mosaics/stained glass.