Pushkar Camel Fair 2016

Every year in October/November, a small town Pushkar in Rajasthan comes alive for a week of celebrations. Its the largest camel and cattle fair that attracts thousands of people from around the world. Pushkar is also a pilgrimage place for centuries. The villagers have traveled for weeks to bring their camel and/or cattle and settle down in Pushkar to sell and trade their livestock. The desert becomes a tent city where the villagers camp for the duration of the festival. The villagers also bring with them their textiles, music hand made jewellery etc. Its the most colourful gathering that I have witnessed. This year its from 28 October-4 November 2017. If you are in India around Oct/Nov,  do not miss this Camel Fair.DSC_1729DSC_1735DSC_1740DSC_1742DSC_1749DSC_1753DSC_1758DSC_1769DSC_1932DSC_1843DSC_1847DSC_1859DSC_1868DSC_1901DSC_1902DSC_1904DSC_1764



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